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"Stealth Hunting Systems makes it easy to be concealed"

Camouflaging your own Hunting Blinds has never been this easy or fast, and best of all it will last. Our SHS Wrap is the most durable, versatile, camo materials on the market today. SHS Camo wraps were developed for the sole purpose of allowing the hunter the ability to camouflage their new or old hunting box blinds as well as protecting them. SHS is constructed out of a Reinforced Fiberglass Composite material that is water proof, wind proof, and UV resistant. SHS Camo Wrap is NOT A FABRIC, it will not weather like fabrics will if left in the outdoors.

SHS Camo Wraps takes you, the hunter places that only you can imagine. Never before has the hunter had such a portable, versatile and durable product, one with infinite possibilities.We like to say if you can dream it, you can build it using our SHS Camo Wraps with our assurance that it will last.

Quick set up ground blinds: Utilizing two or more trees. Just wrap the trees and fasten using screws staples or tie it.

When there are no trees to use many customers use PVC tubing, re-rod, fence posts, or poles, then fasten the SHS Camo to it. Hunting is one of the oldest sports and skills known to man. Our stealth camouflage will help you hunt for any number of wild animals.  This is designed for the traditional hunter who is looking for quality product at an affordable cost.  

Wild pigs have become a major issue across the United States and can be hunted year round.  Many ground hunters use our camo wraps to set up kill zones for wild pig hunting.  Helicopter Hog Hunting has become extremely popular over the last decade or so as well.  It is one of the best ways to curb the overpopulation of wild boars.