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Stealth Hunting Systems is proud to introduce the Phantom Blind, the only true hybrid hunting blind on the market today. Our blind combines the ease and mobility of a pop up blind with the strength, durability, and insulative properties of the permanent blind. Hunters know that the # 1 key to a successful hunt is putting in as many hours as possible on stand, and staying completely concealed from your prey. That's why the Phantom Blind comes completely insulated protecting you from the elements. It also comes fully camouflaged in your choice of the industry's most popular camo patterns. The Phantom Blind truly gives you the best of both blinds without their drawbacks.

For many years now the pop up blinds have been only option available to hunters wanting to keep their mobility. However that mobility comes with a price and anyone that has hunted from a pop up knows they're noisy, cold, and don't hold up if left out in the elements. Traditionally the permanent blinds have addressed all these problems, but come with their own set of drawbacks. These types of blinds typically lack any type of camouflage, are very heavy, and difficult to move. Once a permanent blind is put in place, that's usually where it will stay forever, regardless if the deer's patterns have changed.

Now for the first time there is a hunting blind that does it all. Our Phantom Blind can be assembled in well under 5 minutes with no tools or hardware needed. Are blinds are the lightest hard sided, insulated hunting blinds on the market, weighing in less than 100 lbs. All are walls and roofs are constructed using our patent pending "SHS" fiberglass reinforced composite materials guaranteeing you a strong and durable hunting blind that will last for years to come.